Other Services

Garage Doors

Allison’s offers superior garage doors and operators that are professionally installed for residential, commercial, agricultural or industrial applications.

We can guide you in finding exactly the right garage door and opener to meet your needs.

Gas Bar / Convenience Store

Allison’s owns and operates a full service gas bar / convenience store. The store provides friendly service and reasonably priced products.

Monday to Saturday: 7am to 7pm
Sunday: 9am to 7pm

Telephone: (506) 622-3146

Handicap Operators

We have added 2 new Handicap Automatic door systems for both residential and commercial usage.


We acquired “Power Access Automatic Door Openers” – Low maintenance path to independence. Wheel chair and scooter users are now able to open their door to independence with ease and economy. We are available to select the proper unit for your particular application. We install and back it up with service.


We acquired “Record” – Automatic door technology as you’ve never seen before. We have a wide range of high-tech products to meet the requirements of modern building automation. Elegant designs with numerous options, compatible with any architectural style or building plan.